Skin Care Therapies

skinmodel3softMedically-prescribed Chemical Peels are clinically proven to produce results, including reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin tones, and healing photo-damaged skin. Only a medical professional can provide these services.
Unlike non-medical centers that offer limited options, we carry eight different peels! When you come in for a professional consultation, we will determine which particular peel is best for your skin type.
We can also make this service part of a comprehensive treatment program for your skin, so you get better overall results.

Glycolic Peels
Glycolic Peels help reduce signs of aging by exfoliating the skin and evening out its tone and texture. They are especially effective on treating dry, rough, scaly skin, loosening the thickened surface layers and stimulating production of collagen. Good for healing mild sun damage and lightening age spots.

Salicylic Peels
Salicylic Peels help to relieve oily, blemish-prone skin, and improve the appearance of acne scars. With a chemical makeup similar to aspirin, they also help reduce inflammation while cleansing, clearing out, and opening pores.

Mandelic Peels
Mandelic Peels are specifically designed for the acne prone skin on both face and body. They eliminate dead skin cells, provide antibacterial benefits, hydrate the skin, and improve overall clarity to create a brighter complexion.

Jessner Peels
Jessner Peels are medium-depth peels that help remove and heal skin damage that is more extensive then regular “wear and tear.” They are most effective in reducing sun damage by lightening the skin and exfoliating damaged skin.

Pyruvic Peels
These are used to decrease fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of premature skin aging. These are especially effective for patients experiencing acne, seborrhea, and mild hyperpigmentation.

Eye, Lip, Hand, Neck, and Back Peels
We offer a selection of peels that are a combination of different acids that decrease hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and signs of aging on the eyes, lips, hands, neck, and oily, blemish-prone skin on back and chest.
Every part of your body is different; we have the treatment to match.